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Catherine Zeta Jones “Mai senza make up, neanche su un’ isola deserta”

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Catherine Zeta Jones “Mai senza make up, neanche su un’ isola deserta”

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Catherine Zeta Jones ha lanciato una sua linea di cosmetici e nell’intervista di accompagnamento lei viene fuori come leggermente meno attiva celebralmente di appunto un eye liner

I’m a kind of woman who thinks I need makeup and I enjoy putting makeup on. When I’m not working with some of the great makeup artists in the world, I really love wearing makeup just in my day to day life. It’s not a big drama, it’s not a big event. I put it on and I’m good to go. If I were stranded on a desert island, I would surely have to have some creature comforts. Those creature comforts would certainly be a mascara, an eye pencil or two, because I know if my eyes are on, I’m on.

A parte l’utilità dell’essere perfettamente truccati per la gioia degli alberi di cocco, un pò di news sui trucchi del brand

I love my packaging. It’s going to be about me me, I’m usually not that bad.

I was doing my makeup in the back of the car and [the driver said] ‘do you think we should pull over,’ and I said ‘I can do this on a roller coaster, I swear.’


ecco le foto. Ma che casa horrenda ha? sembra il foyer di un agenzia funebre.


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