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Jlo e A rod frequentano strip club ma non lasciano la mancia


Jlo e A rod frequentano strip club ma non lasciano la mancia


Amanda di meo , una stripper di 26 anni , racconta su tik tok chi lascia o no mance allo stripclub tra i vip. VERY INTERESTING.

‘I’ve been a dancer for a little over six years. I’ve worked all over the country, so I do have a little insight on celebrities in the strip club

Drake: lascia vere e proprio buste della spesa di soldi

‘He does make you get a plastic bag and pick that money up

Anche Usher è generoso con le stripper . That’s great. Usher ha ancora soldi? How cool

‘He didn’t really throw money on any of the girls or want to do anything with any of the dancers, necessarily,’ she explained, ‘but he only had a couple hundred dollars on his tab that he had to pay, and he ended up tipping the cocktail waitress a little over $2,000.’

Meek Mill -rapper, probabile side piece di Kim Kardashian– invece, cheap. Insieme a tutta la squadra dei baltimore ravens (LOL) Super cheap anche JLO E A ROD! E nonostante abbiano preso una stanza con un a stripper! BU!!!!!

‘J Lo and A-Rod came into the club, did a room with the dancer, and didn’t even tip her,’

Mystery: The stripper noted that it was right before J Lo filmed Hustlers (pictured), and she deduced the actress was only at the club for research

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