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groupie che parlano di Jared Leto: i migliori racconti

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groupie che parlano di Jared Leto: i migliori racconti

un mini riassunto per chi non ha voglia di leggere oltre ma insomma vuole anche lui farsi una cultura

1)JL ha un caxxo enorme, non tanto lungo ma largo

2)JL fa sesso come il tipo che faceva sesso “genere conigli” con carrie durante l’episodio del matrimonio Trey Charlotte (bahm wham thank you ma’am)

3)JL non si fa problemi a farlo con delle 17 enni

Insomma , due su tre è berlusconi

1)il threesome -con un ragazzo, che racconta:

sommario :My friend(F) and I(M) had a threesome with Jared Leto like 5 years ago during the Into the Wild Tour. It was a bit weird because she and i had only been friends for like 3 months when this happened and her exbf gave her the tickets before they went on a break. (lol veramente sarebbe più strano fare un threesome con un amica che conosci da tempo, ma dove vivono questi, a casa di Polanski?)

Il racconto (ho tagliato le cose inutili e false, tipo le presentazioni e oh quanto sono grandi i 30 seconds! che belle songs!)

I almost left the room when i saw this man’s dick. I am average size girth and a bit longer length, but his dick was pretty big. The fucken look she got on her face when she saw it literally made my heart sink into my stomach. I had never been insecure, but i was a bit taken back. It all went away after we started having sex and i realize that having a giant dick means that you are destined to a life of mediocre BJs and never going balls deep while pounding. I hate how much i am talking about his dick, but it was crazy seeing it all go down. As skuzzy as Jared looks, he was very adamant about condoms and safe sex.

Once we finish and Jared leaves it is just her and i just laying naked in bed processing everything that happened. The next day we say good bye and go back to the hotel to have sex one more time before driving back home. We never tried to get in contact with Jared again.

Now every time 30STM comes to a city near us we send links to it as a joke. She got back with her bf and they are now married so we aren’t going to go to any concerts together in any time soon.

Edit 2: Thank god her husband doesn’t use reddit

Ok, tutti sanno che ne penso dei threesome due uomini e una donna: G A Y. Il consiglio che mi sento di dare tipo posta del cuore è infatti sempre: se il tuo lui ti chiede di fare un threesome con te e un amica, ok, chill, ma con un amico: NOPE. NOPE NOPE NEVER.

detto ciò : voi avete capito se c’è stato intercourse dell’uomo anche con JL? Dal racconto sembra di si . O dalla mia fervida immaginazione (e sennò, perchè si è spaventato dell’arnese?)

2) Jared Leto e Jennifer Aniston

He’s a fucking dick and an asshole and doesn’t give a shit about the girls he hooks up with in the least! I know that’s NO surprise and I didn’t expect him to care about me or fall in love or anything HAHA. Alot of rockstars don’t give a shit but at least they treat you like a person. This guy is one of the most selfish lovers i’ve ever experienced even to this day. I hooked up with him several years ago and I was about 4 months over 17. He was the 4th rockstar I hooked up with “all the way” not just sucking off , at that time.

I’m not fully blonde but I had blonde highlights then over light brown hair, blue/green eyes, and I’m about 5’6 115 lbs-slim but not too thin and my boobs are a B so not huge. If I had to compare myself to a celebrity, I’d say I look like Jennifer Aniston so not a huge knockout but not entirely ugly. I’m sort of sweet-faced and he made several mentions about my face looking innocent.

Anyway, the choking is 100% true as well as restraining and alot of holding you down. He fucks hard and rough and quick. There’s alot of movement and position shifting and tit biting and sucking. There were marks left. He doesn’t give a shit that his cock is fucking giganto and it hurt like satan. It’s not only long, had to be about 11-12″. It’s thick and it burned and he wouldn’t slow down even when I told him to. There were times were I had to bite down on him because of the pain down there and he didn’t give 2 pisses about it. I think he got pleasure out of hurting me, in retrospect but I was too young and didn’t know that then. He was a major dick when I would tell him to slow down or to change position to ease the pain a little. After that, I’d get attitude.

I didn’t like the choking and at least he eased a bit on that but he still did the wrist restraining and ramming. I like rough sex but he seems to zone out and it’s scary.

I liked the ass smacking, that was a huge turn on and I didn’t mind his name-calling but basically the whole time I was fucking him, I felt as though I was being raped and not even a “play rape”. In his mind, it seemed like he thought he was fucking raping me. It was very odd.

So girls, if you’re into this whole thing then by all means, Jared’s your man. I’ll say one thing, if you can handle a big cock, go for it.

Si, e se ti autodescrivi come Jennifer Aniston mi sa che non hai capito nulla di come ci si aiutodescrive (ovvero usando modelli decenti di aspetto, non cadaveri di malagrotta)


3)Ah, i bei vecchi tempi di Cameron Diaz

Jared tradisce CD con una sua promettente rivale: la Groupie Jennifer

Before the act happened, Jared posed a question to Jennifer: “Do you want to call me Jared or Daddy?” Jennifer chose Jared. During the sex Jared stretched his arms out and wrapped his hands around Jennifer’s throat. She was facing away from him at the time and didn’t know what was going on, asphyxiation had never been a part of sex for her before. She went along with it as Jared’s hands closed firmly around her windpipe and the air began to be pushed out of her. Jared kept this up for awhile until she asked him to stop. 

When Jennifer told my friend Megan about what happened, Megan asked Jennifer if they had anal sex. Jennifer strongly denied it but Megan suspected this was not the case. 

Post-coitus Jared was not as interested as he had been in Jennifer. She stayed the night and the next day gave Jared her phone number and he promised to call. That same night the other members of 30 Seconds to Mars stayed at Megan’s house. They were very drunk and were hitting on her roommates. They told Megan’s roommates that Jared slept with girls in almost every city they went to, and cheated on his then girlfriend, Cameron Diaz, all the time.

Three more weeks passed and still Jared had not called Jennifer. Then one night when Jennifer was not home, her roommate Shadi was awoken by the phone ringing at 3 a.m. Groggy from being woken up, Shadi put the receiver up to her ear and heard a male voice talking about how hard his cock was. This talk continued for awhile before Shadi asked who was calling. The voice at the other end of the line said, “This is Jennifer right?”, and Shadi informed the caller it wasn’t. The person then said to Shadi, “Oh, sorry about that. Can you just tell Jennifer that Jared called?” That was the last time Jared tried to call Jennifer. She never heard from him again.

Cool. Gran chiamata. Gran orario. Gran nome della coinquilina.



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