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buahahHAHUhua!!! ps buon 2020


buahahHAHUhua!!! ps buon 2020

i love. those things. i like. Love. em. I’m like, keep em coming

busy phillips è andata sul the internet per ricordarci che quest’anno E! ha cancellato il suo show e quello che segue sono delle fantastiche foto dei suoi sms passive aggressive a qualche produttore, una lettera di sua figlia piena di parolacce (gesù il cringy affogante) e di errori (ha 11 anni? wtf? sembra una lettera di una di 5 anni che si è sforzata tantissimo) , foto di lei che piange dove pensa di stare bene e ricevere un sacco di oh my god you’re pretty when you cry e invece no e in generale insomma non troverà mai più lavoro like ever.

ever ever

(e vivrà a casa di michelle williams e il suo babydaddy rubato. E true hollywood stories)

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Final round of #almostgrams 2019! The Busy Tonight was cancelled round!! On APRIL 5, 2019! I flew to Dallas to shoot commercials over the weekend for Michael’s. When my plane took off, the song that came on shuffle was my favorite Deerhunter song He Would Have Laughed. I felt like it was a good sign. When I landed, my manager texted me to call her. Which I did. And she told me E! would not renew my show after the order was finished in a month. It was effectively cancelled. I was blindsided, especially since the last text I had from the head of E(who’s now gone🤷‍♀️) was about marketing for busy tonight that he was excited to tell me about. Anyway. I did what anyone would do. I sat in the lobby of the hotel in Dallas and ordered three tequilas and called Marc, Caissie, Eric, Tina, Caissie again and I cried. I waited for a call or email from someone at E, which never came so I sent a text to the head of the network that truly makes me lol to this day(slide 3). Then I took some selfies(first 2 pics), got a text from Marc reminding me about the Deerhunter song(slide 4), made a music video in my hotel room to it(which I posted to my stories at the time), then I went and got a tattoo on my ankle; the illustration from my book from the chapter where I got super fucked over by some dudes in this business(slide 5), THEN before I went to bed, I saw it was a new moon and what that moon meant(slide6). And. Anyway. It all started to become clear and I knew things were going to be better than fine. Right before the show was finished, I found a letter my daughter wrote to E! and I feel like as this year is almost over, the decade is closing, it's the right time to post the letter(slides 7,8,9🤣). And all the rest of it from April 5. Because here's the thing. The moon was right, the song WAS a good sign, my girl knows something about her mom- I work hard AF and love to prove people wrong and finally, the men will always try to fuck you over so fuck em and figure out something else. Which is exactly what Caissie and I have been doing. And next year; in 2020 we will finally be able to share it. 😍 So Happy New Year everyone!!Goodnight you guys! I love you SO much!!!

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ps: come si fa ad avere uno show cancellato da e? non sembrano neanche avere un budget. non sembrano avere standard soprattutto. Look at this.

oh si, c’è il fantasma di marylin monroe a casa di j.c!

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    Ma davvero questa ha 2 milioni di followers? Non che siano tantissimi, ma non capisco perchè ne abbia più di 2mila.

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