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gwen stefani con ennesima faccia in intervista su “shape” : anche se sono una milionaria, anche io aspetto i saldi su yoox

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gwen stefani con ennesima faccia in intervista su “shape” : anche se sono una milionaria, anche io aspetto i saldi su yoox

gwen stefani è talmente cambiata (non solo ‘NFACCIA) che la gwen  di 10 o 20 anni fa pare mai esistita , ormai parla solo di stronzate stupide e  nomina il fida con cui fa tutto insieme anche (SPOILER) ginnastica in ogni cazzo di frase sennò muore di aritmia


On downtime & work: “I love having projects. But I also love to be in my bed and have downtime. I love to know that I don’t have the guilt of being so busy that I miss out on taking my kids to school.”

Her home life with Blake Shelton: On the nightstand is a box of chocolates from Shelton, who the day before played entertainment committee for her three sons—the older ones are Kingston, 13, and Zuma, 11—so she could do an all-day photo shoot for her eyewear collections. “He’s a feeder. He’ll go, ‘Here, I bought you some candy.’ I feel as if I spent the last four years healing—you know, trying to build my life again. Having a best friend like Blake to help me do that has been one of the greatest gifts.”

She still buys clothes when there’s a big sale: “I’ve been shopping my face off buying looks for when we do reality days on the show. They just had sales online, so I went crazy. Forty percent off on Yoox? I’m all over it!” Gwen is such a deep-down true believer in fashion with a virtuoso eye that she’s not above digging in the trenches. She not only works looks but lives them, and she’s not waiting for a stylist to play dress-up. “I’m passionate because fashion is such an extension of whatever your mood is or where you are in your life and what you’re trying to say,” she says. Right now, her office is filled with her designer bargains. “After I get off the phone, I’m doing my own fitting.”

Kids made her more organized: “One thing the kids have taught me is how to be more organized. I lived at home until I was 26, then I had a tour manager, then a manager, then an assistant. On tour, you even have somebody who has the key to your hotel room. But as a mom, you have to be the one in charge.”

Staying fit: “I have no magic thing that I do to stay fit. I eat really clean, do my shows, and work out. I always feel better when I’m in a routine even though I sometimes hate it. I play tennis, badly, with Blake. Then we go to the gym. I like to do squats and lunges and light weights. I don’t go crazy like I used to. I do just enough to make my body feel good.”

Her roots: “I’m an unusual product of an ordinary California family. My parents met in high school, my mom never worked, and we went to church on Sundays. Now I get to travel the world. And spending time in the middle of America [on Blake’s ranch]—that’s something I didn’t expect. The way we live at the ranch is really simple. There are watermelons that Blake planted and all my wild flowers. It’s a nice contrast to L.A., although I do keep 20 chickens in the backyard here at home too.”

quanto amo quando i vip fanno “sono come voi, cumpà!

  • Nadia Vitari

    davvero sigh, anche se ora ho sentore che a essere fake fossero i suo anni indie.. ha sempre voluto tutto questo… e ora fa i tour interminabili a Vegas!

    • Millicent

      Davvero, il dubbio viene… io la preferivo quando era “just a girl”

      • Nadia Vitari

        gia’! e gia’ dai tempi del primo singolo Don’t speak, gia’ emergeva la platinum blonde girl, solo piu’ casalinga… in nuce forse tristemente c’era gia’ tutto questo e sotto sotto e’ la tipica ragazza del sud espatriata in cerca di visibilita’ e fortuna e molto vanitosa, lo dico con grande rammarico, da fan

        • Claudia

          io conoscevo una stéfani di cognome ce con l avvento della gwen divenne per tutti stèfani. true story

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