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adele ora è magra e io non vedo nessuna differenza ma pare sia diventata “a gym rat”

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adele ora è magra e io non vedo nessuna differenza ma pare sia diventata “a gym rat”

questa è la nuova ed improved adele diventata

“incredibly dedicated” to her new fitness routine, which includes regular sessions with a private trainer, Pilates classes and workouts at the celeb-favorite Rise Nation, a Stairmaster-like class.

“After Adele started working out, she never looked back. She was instantly a changed person with a different mindset,” a source close to the Grammy winner tells PEOPLE. But according to the source, Adele wasn’t sure if this new lifestyle would work for her, initially.

“At first, she was very hesitant about keeping a workout routine. It was like she was questioning if she was gonna enjoy it enough to stick with it,” the insider says. “But she has been incredibly dedicated. She continues to work out with a trainer. And she looks fantastic.”

Adele, who recently split from her longtime partner Simon Konecki earlier this year, wanted to up her fitness game for her 7-year-old son Angelo. “For her, it’s not about losing weight,” a source previously told PEOPLE. “She wants to stay healthy for her son’s sake, and though it’s been challenging for her to keep a new workout routine, she is sticking with it.”

According to another entertainment source, Adele is also “watching what she eats. She has taken a more serious interest in improving herself and is actually having a great time.”

che palle con ste storie che non lo fanno per l’aspetto ma per la salute, si si vabbè, ma poi come se ci fosse qualcosa di male nel voler essere figoni, ma va la mondo che idiozie sono? certe volte sento più cagate da questi maturi & bravi vip “che vogliono mandare Un MeSSaGGiO pOSiTIVO” doc che in 10 puntate del trono over.


ma poi pensa se nella vita reale un’amica ti parlasse così tipo

“oh si ora ho la donna delle pulizie ma è più per lei per aiutarla ,con la sua famiglia a el salvador! fosse per me manco la farei pulire. vedessi che figlie carine che ha! juanita e rosalita”

“oh, cool. bei nomi. sembrano potenziali figlie di celentano”


  • Monica

    Adele ora è magra,ma è sempre bruttina,comunque come cantante è brava.

  • vibrissa

    sarà la troCa?

  • miosotis

    E il piccolo Phelipe come sta? XD

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