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blindgossip: falsi regali


blindgossip: falsi regali

sembra che non esista track di questo regalo fatto da rapper a moglie NON ESISTA


Even if he had the cash, which he doesn’t, there is no way this former A+ list rapper would have paid what is claimed to have been paid for a recent real estate purchase. Even at the very height of the market, the most any person paid for any unit was way less than the reported amount the rapper paid. Now, people are paying 20-30% less than that. Check in a couple months, and there won’t be any record of any purchase by him. It is all just to make him look like he still has a ton of money.

(fonte cdan)

  • Roar

    Sarà quel conta-frottole di Kanye!

    • Nadia Vitari

      eh si! o Jay-z?

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